Announcing Greener Grass Media!

I’m now working full-time at the helm of my own business, Greener Grass Media.

I’m offering social media services, marketing, and visual design for your web sites and apps.

Why did I go so broad in my offerings? I’ve discovered that many of the organizations and people I work with need help in several of these areas and not just one. When I can’t handle the load or level of expertise needed for a particular challenge, I work with a team to provide the solutions you need.

You can see some more specifics of what I can do for you on the site.

So if you need help, send me an email or give me a call at 720-235-9720. I’d love to lend you a hand. We’ll push your communications to the next level!


5 Replies to “Announcing Greener Grass Media!”

  1. Congratulations!

    Be sure to give us a more detailed list of the kinds of specific services you’re offering, and what kind of organizations and business you work best with. That way we can send more people your way.

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