Not fit for scooping

ikea-scoop…But it is fit for being a toy!

Johanna’s daughter Elsie is now playing happily with this scoop, even as I write this. It’s just too light for using to scoop ice cream properly, but it makes a wonderful bright shiny bit of life for her.

Why did I buy it in the first place? It was only 99c at Ikea. I was a sucker for the design (and still am). But you know my philosophy of not keeping things I don’t need. So what a great thing to give it a new life!


One Reply to “Not fit for scooping”

  1. And wasn’t it funny that she ate ice cream with this very scoop just moments after you gave it to her? It was perfect.

    Yes, life simply wouldn’t BE, if it weren’t for shiny bits.

    Thanks Paul!

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