Hard to throw away

ipod-remoteidol-toySaturday, I spent a little time throwing things away.

But it is so hard to get rid of these things!

One is the iPod Remote. It died. But it was such a lovely piece of industrial design that I was compelled to hang onto it. But I just can’t keep everything. That one went to the landfill.

The other is this strange punk plastic doll that was a MacDonald’s Happy Meal toy. When you push his mohawk, he emits a bizarre electric guitar sound. A child left it behind one day as they were distracted on their way out of the restaurant – and I couldn’t bear for it to be thrown into the trash can. So a year or two later, I am giving it to the charity shop (in America, Savers or the Goodwill).

So what is it that you should get rid of?


2 Replies to “Hard to throw away”

  1. “When you push his mohawk …” I love that!

    I should get rid of old construction materials from the time our house was built over five years ago. You know how you were saying at Ace Hardware you can just buy one screw? That reminds me of all the boxes of 250 screws we have of all shapes, and all the old buckets of paint, plaster, odd roofing supplies, concrete blocks, bricks, screens … But we might need them someday … that’s the most terrifying thing.

  2. I love throwing stuff out. It gives me such a sense of satisfaction.

    Every year, just before Christmas I go through the kids toys and bag up lots and lots of things… just in time to add to the mess again.

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