Spoiled for choice

razor-choiceAmericans arriving in America after having lived more than one year overseas inevitably complain about how there is too much to choose from. Case in point – Schick offers at least ten different kids of razors.

Strictly from an environmental viewpoint, this veers into the overkill zone. The time, energy and resources spent in producing so many different kinds of razors is a waste.

I do understand that Schick’s desire to give the consumer choice (and thereby drive them away from Gillette) is an attempt to grab as much of the market as possible. But I contend that this is just fueling the great American consumption machine. I’d suggest using those resources elsewhere. Designing better mosquito nets to prevent malaria? (Kind of a stretch, but you get my point.) Or have a “red” razor line (that is the same as one of their other lines) where the motivated buyer willingly pays extra to fund initiatives like that.


One Reply to “Spoiled for choice”

  1. You don’t have to have lived outside the US to be overwhelmed by the myriad choices in the stores! As far as I’m concerned, a razor is a razor – how many choices do we really need? Ditto with things like toothpaste, shampoo, and other personal products. Even with food – is it really necessary to have 12 different kinds of vinegar?

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