Fake Starbucks

fake-starbucksI was amused at how this logo looks like the Starbucks logo (if you squint your eyes just right). It’s for a cafe chain in Japan.

Anonand? That’s a name that might sound exotic to a Japanese person – but it has no exotic appeal to an American.

One of my favorite blogs these days is Tokyobling’s Blog. Why? I love Japan. I have never been there, but that culture fascinates me. The blog’s author is a great photographer and an expat living there, so they have an eye for what a foreigner might appreciate.

Someday I’ll do something with my place-holder blog that relates to Japan.


One Reply to “Fake Starbucks”

  1. Try the logo for Kaldi’s coffee in Addis Ababa. At least they have the honour of being the ones to first make the drink (coffee was not invented in Seattle or Milan – whatever the barrista tells you!) http://bit.ly/4mWbg8

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