Review: Fantastic Mr Fox

mr-foxOver the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, Heather, Rachel and I had the privilege of seeing the new film, Fantastic Mr Fox.

We loved it.

There was enough good stuff for an 8-year-old to enjoy, as well as plenty of stuff that only adults would appreciate. Why did I love it so much? There were plenty of shiny bits. The texture of the film went deep. I rarely want to see a film twice, but this one hit that level. There was so much lovingly-crafted detail that I wanted to see it again to catch what I missed the first time. (Sadly, my second viewing will be on the small screen, I’m sure.)

The film commented on the human experience in ways that were profound and simple at the same time. (Background on the story is here.)

Go see it! Today. I must warn you that it is quirky… if you prefer only mainstream experiences, check out another film.

Pic courtesy of the film’s website.