Toy Story 3 Review

The punchline: It was great. Go see it.

It was amazing how the movie’s creators were able to appeal to all ages. One illustration of this was the toys. Kids under 11 were not alive when the previous episode was released, so they might be used to playing with any of the toys represented that are “timeless”. My oldest (now almost 17) was only two when the first episode came out. He played with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, so he has fond memories of those characters. My wife played with the telephone-on-wheels when she was a kid.

The story was wonderful – no glitches or places where I went, “Why did they do that?!” Again, there were enough entertaining aspects to the entire experience that we all enjoyed it from start to finish.

A+. The film of the summer. Donald Miller agrees with me, in his own special way.

Image courtesy of Awards Daily. I’m sure Buzz himself was happy to lend his photo to them. And they didn’t object to my using it for your pleasure.


3 Replies to “Toy Story 3 Review”

  1. Haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll consider it. My kids would probably not be interested, but they usually enjoy a good movie once it’s started.

  2. Seeing this movie was my special birthday treat last week! The whole family enjoyed it, even though Lilly (11) was SO embarrassed when I started tearing up when Andy went to college! hahaha…Pixar rules! “Up” is also an all-time favorite.

  3. We are going to go some time in the next 2 weeks (school holidays are here again!). I am looking forward to it.
    I love Mr Potato Head, and sadly passed ours on to a young nephew recently, as no-one wanted it anymore – actually, I wanted to keep it, but am trying not to hord.

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