One year

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my mom’s death.

I say that with sadness. We miss her. Time does lessen the hurt, but our sorrow still lingers.


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  1. Prayers are with you. The anniversary date of my Mom’s death is difficult, too. You’re so right when you say, “Time does lessen the hurt, but our sorrow still lingers.”

    1. Thanks Tammie!

      It’s good to remember. I am thankful that my memories are good ones. I realize that is not true for everyone!

  2. Sorry. My mom died almost ten years ago. For Dad it’s two and a half months. Painful.

  3. Paul, my mom is 72. My Granny (her mom) died when I was 11, about 29 years ago (wow, I haven’t done that math in awhile!) Anyway, mom says she never goes a day without missing her mom. It doesn’t hurt the way it did in the beginning, but she always wishes she was around to talk to.

    I think that is real loss, and also real love. We are pretty insignificant on this Earth, so we can only find meaning in the space we share with the people we love.

    Peace to you, friend. And keep talking to her. I am sure she is listening.

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