You can’t force it

Lincoln bought the emperor’s new clothes.

This ad appeared in the February 2017 Fast Company magazine (in a very high-priced spot Рthe inside front cover). Lincoln paid a massive amount of money for the ad series, shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Agency Hudson Rouge made out like a bandit.

But Lincoln did not think about their real audience. Showing a 20-something person behind the wheel of a $60,000-ish luxury car, newly-minted from a marque typically bought by people above 60, will not make 20-something people want to buy one. Nor will it make 60-year olds who want to be 20-something want to buy one.

No matter how much the critics like the car.

Yes, it would have been appropriate for Lincoln to push the envelope in their marketing – but not so far.

Maybe they should have put kids under 10 behind the wheel – that audience will need to buy cars, eventually.


6 Replies to “You can’t force it”

  1. I am guessing this ad is for 60 somethings who are still living in their head. Sort of like a certain motorcycle, where you pay extra thousands of dollars to have that sound.

    Perhaps this ad is suggesting that if you buy one, either a sixty something will become younger and more attractive, or in man’s case, he will have a 20 something sitting in the passenger side if he buys it.

    Interesting though, the idea they spent thousands on such a silly ad whatever the intent,

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