Did it again

Faced with the prospect of getting a new refrigerator/freezer or paying to get our current appliance fixed, we chose the “fix” route. (Faithful readers will remember how we made the same decision with our oven.)

We calculated that it would take roughly 25 years of energy savings to make up for the difference a new more efficient model would provide.

Who knows – maybe in five years, they will invent a frig/freezer that runs on air! Then we’ll be ahead.

(By the way, the ice maker had quit. And we Americans are quite fond of ice in our drinks.)


2 Replies to “Did it again”

  1. An icemaker costs $80-120, as I recall. The fix is usually a matter of unscrewing/unplugging the old and fastening in the new, or paying $85 for a fat guy in a shirt with his name on it to do the same. Still cheap compared to a new fridge.

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