You can’t keep everything


Rachel created this lovely piece of art. My urge was to keep it. Somewhere. Instead, I “kept” it by taking this photo.

When I was a kid, we didn’t create as much art as kids do today. My parents were blessed by not having to face the dilemma of which of the many many pieces of art to hang on to.

By the time we reached child number three (Rachel), we collected even less. That’s one of those unfairness-of-life things. But since she’s the most artistic of our kids, perhaps our rate of collection evened out.

Takeaway? Digitize.


4 Replies to “You can’t keep everything”

  1. Thanks. I worked for Wycliffe for the past year and hope to in the future. Currently, though, I am on a gap year in London with a British organization, London City Mission.

  2. I’ve started digitizing our slides and photos. Problem is, I hate like the dickens to just throw out the ones I’ve scanned — it’s almost like getting rid of a member of the family.

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