It’s free, in your back yard

masks art exhibit in fort collins colorado

We all enjoy a little change of pace. We enjoy it even more, when we don’t have to pay anything!

If you live in a town with a university, chances are they have art and music departments. If so, there are student music performances and art shows throughout the school year. Most of them are free. Just explore the school’s website, or better yet, spend a little time roaming around campus.

I took these photos of masks at a free exhibit in Fort Collins, Colorado, where my oldest son is attending university.


Up close

Soda can close-upSometimes it’s worth looking closer. I love detail. This photo is a close-up from a soda can that had been run over a thousand times. Though this can had been destroyed, I kind of see it as a work of art. The pressure this can endured resulted in an almost paper-thin bit of aluminum. Drivers had no idea they would bring me pleasure just by driving to work. Even the person who threw it out their window ended up bringing me a small bit of joy.

I hope that today brings you joy through what may have been destroyed. There’s an upside to almost everything.


Large graffiti

Giant graffitiMy son is standing next to giant letters that someone sprayed on this construction site in a major city.

I can’t remember seeing graffiti that big before.

(You can click on the image to enlarge it.)


Anonymous photography

People I will never meetOne thing I love about photography is that you can take photos and have them for a while.

We took a long trip this summer, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos I took, over and over.

This family was in the Harrod’s Store in London. I will never know who they are. They will never know who I am. We will never meet. But I can wonder about what their lives might be like.


Graffiti good and bad

As I’ve said before, I love graffiti.

In Paris, I saw both the good and the bad. I think the left example is bad. A really picturesque neighborhood was hurt by that personal expression. (And interestingly, it was about six stories above street level, so very few people see it.)

The poster, however, had very creatively applied graffiti.

What are some examples of good and bad graffiti you’ve seen?


An early SUV

Digging through boxes last weekend, I came across this drawing from yours truly – circa a long time ago.

Yes, I did invent the idea of SUVs. (Sadly, the royalty payments are way behind.)


Go see some art

Art is a wonderful way to look at our world differently. I know if I had seen the actual head of this particular high school student, she would look different. But in difference is found beauty.

The weekend approacheth. Go out to see some art. It’s often free, if you look in the right places.


The developing world converges

jeepneyJeepneys are the main way people get around in the Philippines. In East Africa, people ride in Matatus. I liked them so much I featured them a fair amount when I lived in Nairobi.

So I came across this photo of a Jeepney in a missionary magazine* – and I was struck by how the artwork was so similar to what could be found on Matatus in downtown Nairobi! It’s just amazing that the influences that shape how artists do their craft are similar, even 6,000 miles (9,500 km) apart!

Not only does matatu art reflect the latest trends in society, it always shows the cutting-edge of young artists’ creativity. (However, some matatu artists are better than others!) Often the several random sayings on one matatu provide a good laugh. One of my fantasies while living in Nairobi was to hire a photographer to take a million photos of matatus – and then I would create a coffee table book out of the best pix. Any angel investors out there willing to chip in?

* (Sorry, there was no credit given to the photographer, or I would have passed that on.)


Root woman

root-womanI had to share her with you. We went on a family hike yesterday near Boulder, Colorado. (That’s about an hour from our home.) I saw this little lady sitting by the edge of the trail. She was begging to be photographed. I obliged.