Anonymous photography

People I will never meetOne thing I love about photography is that you can take photos and have them for a while.

We took a long trip this summer, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos I took, over and over.

This family was in the Harrod’s Store in London. I will never know who they are. They will never know who I am. We will never meet. But I can wonder about what their lives might be like.


3 Replies to “Anonymous photography”

  1. I always enjoy Brother Bill’s comments.

    I grew up studying the photos in our family albums. So many photos have strangers in them – especially the ones taken during vacations. As a child, I often wondered, Am I in some stranger’s photo album?

  2. I hate being in strangers photos. Especially the vacation/tourist ones. But if it’s unavoidable I try to be a good model; sit still, smile, and hope my ugly mug doesn’t ruin their memories.

    Thank god for Photoshop!

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