How to decorate your home

IKEA rugsHa! I’m not going to tell you how… that would be impossible. An easier question for me to answer would be which car you should buy. If you want gentle advice on that, ask.

However, I did want to give a small pointer on decorating your home – add spice where you can.

These amazing rugs are on display at our nearby IKEA. They wouldn’t fit anywhere in our place, but they could in yours. They’re definitely quirky designs and might work well in front of your flat color sofa.

A great way to get ideas is to visit a place like IKEA. Look at how the pros who designed their sample rooms do it. Observe the juxtaposition of plain and complex designs. Light and dark. Flashy and simple.

Then go to your neighborhood charity shop (Goodwill) and get what you can to make it happen. Sprinkle in more things from IKEA. Stir and serve up neat.


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  1. If I had these rugs in my home, I would spend hours studying the lines.

    By the way, I’m not sure what to think of your new font. At first I wasn’t sure I liked it, but on second thought, it makes me think a little more about what you’re saying.

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