It’s free, in your back yard

masks art exhibit in fort collins colorado

We all enjoy a little change of pace. We enjoy it even more, when we don’t have to pay anything!

If you live in a town with a university, chances are they have art and music departments. If so, there are student music performances and art shows throughout the school year. Most of them are free. Just explore the school’s website, or better yet, spend a little time roaming around campus.

I took these photos of masks at a free exhibit in Fort Collins, Colorado, where my oldest son is attending university.


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  1. I went to a few recitals and concerts at KU. A lot of my IVCF friends were musicians. Now I’m married to a family of musicians.

  2. Gosh I feel old – I can’t believe your YOUNGEST son is in college!

    I’m fortunate enough to live in an area with more than a dozen community colleges and universities, and there is always something going on – concerts, plays, art exhibits and more. But today while I was out running errands, I was reminded of another type of college service.

    I live near a large agricultural university. They have a farm store at which they sell beautiful produce grown on campus; a variety of other products (jams, pickles, peanut butter, etc) made either on campus or using campus produce; meat from animals raised on campus; wine from campus vineyards, made at a local winery; and plants for your garden – both decorative and edible – grown on campus.

    I love their fresh produce, and enjoy supporting the students and student programs. Something else you can look for at your local university!

    1. Deb- that sounds awesome!

      And I made a mistake* – it’s our oldest who’s in university now. The youngest is still in high school. I got ahead of myself!

      *I fixed it – thanks for pointing that out.

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