The incredible dandelion

dandelionsMost people love to hate dandelions. A field of fertile puffy seed balls, waiting to spread their beauty to the next closest lawn, strikes fear in the hearts of most North American lawn-keepers.

But ah – their bright yellow flowers – and exquisite soft seed balls. If you stop to think about it, they are amazing. What an incredible thing that the seed puffs always turn out almost perfectly spherical. And the flowers are unfailingly the same brilliant saturated yellow.

Enjoy them for a moment – if not on your own lawn, on your neighbor’s.


4 Replies to “The incredible dandelion”

  1. Speaking of enjoying dandelions – ever watched a little finch or sparrow perch on one of those bendy stems and eat the seeds? One of the many joys of sitting quietly and watching nature work.

  2. Many wildflowers are thought of as “weeds” but are actually beautiful. Here in Texas, wildflowers have a better reputation than in most places. However, dandelions are still on the nasty list because of their favorite habitat. Ah, fickle humans.

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