I should have saved them

hot-wheelsEver since we moved Heather’s parents out of their home of nearly 40 years, I have been keenly aware of the need to not keep things.

As I read an article in Car & Driver several months back about middle-aged men collecting and selling their childhood Hot Wheels toy cars, I regretted that I gave away my collection at about age 12. I thought, “Why should I keep these? I don’t play with them anymore!”

Then, I saw what the very first car I bought was going for at a shop not far from where we live – about $80. (The same model was actually pictured in the article – the ugly red Ford Thunderbird. Mine was a sort of gold color.) Oh well.

What thing do you wish you had kept?

(Photos thanks to Car & Driver.)


4 Replies to “I should have saved them”

  1. I wish I’d saved more negatives from photographs of the past. I was a slow adopter on going digital.

  2. A collection of at least 50 Biggles, Worrals and Gimlet books, inherited from my uncles, sold for £50 the lot back in the late 1980s/early 1990s. They go for a fortune these days, though I’d just like to own them again.

    Vinyl albums and 12″ singles by New Order and Orange Juice – slowly trying to reacquire these, but it’s an expensive business.

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