They wear out

oven-partSo, our oven quit. It came with our house. Heather loves it. We thought about getting a new one – because, as you know, repair can often cost as much as much – or more – than buying a new whatever.

In this case, the repair costs $100 to 200 less than buying a “new” refurbished oven. We loved preventing our oven from ending up in a landfill. And Heather got to keep the oven she loves. But ouch! That part cost a massive amount!


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  1. Oh, you hit a sore spot with me. Three or so years ago, my mom gave me her range when she moved into her retirement community. I’ve had to repair it twice, and she had already repaired it once before giving it to me. That part that regulates the temp – the igniter, I think – seems to be completely unreliable and even when they put a new one in they don’t give you any guarantee!! It’s so frustrating to put something in the oven, and one day it burns, the next it comes out lukewarm. I really hate my oven….

    1. So annoying and frustrating!

      We tolerated our oven acting up for more than a year and a half before we finally broke down and paid for a real repair. (We paid for a half-repair after it had been acting up for maybe 6 months. It worked again – for a bit.)

      Oh for heaven – when we won’t have to deal with broken things. And our own brokenness.

  2. You could always go old school– and grill everything. All you need is fire, after all!

    blessings bro..

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