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priusWhy hasn’t a Prius owner somewhere sped down a highway and then, after the police stopped them, claimed it was unintended acceleration? (When it wasn’t.)

(Photo courtesy of yewenyi on Flikr.)


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  1. That did happen this past week out here in LA. A man called 911, said his car was accelerating out of control. A cop pulled up beside him, tried to help, the car finally slowed and the cop pulled in front and acted as a bumper to stop the car. The man said he was standing on his brakes and the car wouldn’t slow down. But in testing the car, Toyota said they couldn’t replicate the problem, so there are questions as to whether it actually happened quite the way the man said it did. Here’s the LATimes link:

    1. That was the story I was referring to – I thought there might be some people trying to copy that act, just so they could speed (without the cop pulling in front of them to stop their car, that is).

      Thanks Deb for the link!

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