Amazing technology

red-moneyRachel, our 9-year old, wanted some play money. So I took some real money and put it on our all-in-one laser printer. I intended to copy it on just one side, so it could never be used for real money.

What comes out of the machine? Red money! The printer was sophisticated enough to run that automatic counterfeiting routine.

I thought, “Oh no! Everything will have red on it now!” So I copied something else. The result was normal as could be.


3 Replies to “Amazing technology”

  1. Seeing this, I had to give it a try. My copy came out looking just like the real thing! (not red) But perhaps it’s because I have an older printer. I guess all the counterfeiters need to do is find an old printer.

  2. Tim – I didn’t try the smaller size option. That might work. (But then Rachel’s play money wouldn’t be as fun.)

    Bill – it’s just amazing to me that any retailer would accept fake bills from any printer. I guess there are many who are not very “discriminating” – to put it nicely.

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