Flashback Kenya

ruiru-01As some of my longer-term readers may recall, I lived 5 years in Kenya, East Africa.

During my last two years there, I had a very challenging role in administration. One day I took on a different assignment – photographer. I visited a facility run by the Kenyan organization we partnered with – the Ruiru Centre. My photos were to be used for publicity purposes. (I’m not sure if they were ever used.)

That day was a nice break.


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  1. Back in 2001 Jerry Jones invited my organization to a blow-out at the late Cowboys Stadium. I went as photographer, since I was working evenings at the time. (Unfortunately it meant I couldn’t drink any beer.) There was an incredible buffet, a band, cheerleaders and players for pics and autographs, a rock-climbing tower, etc. Don’t know what ever happened to the pics. I didn’t know what to do with them, and eventually gave them to a coworker who said he would distribute them.

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