Men are different from women

Photos of outfitsYou know that men are different from women. I know that too.

I’ve been married to Heather for more than 20 years. I love her and am always amazed that after all these years, we are still discovering new things about each other.

She started a new contract job recently at a large company that has a fairly formal corporate culture. She has to “dress up” to go to work. Some mornings involve a clothing crisis before the right outfit is found.

Now this is partly a personality thing, but it takes me about 5 seconds to choose what I’ll wear to an event or a work situation. Heather deliberates till she finds the perfect outfit. Since she has really good taste, she scores. (I don’t always score, but she often will warn me of impending mistakes.)

So I came up with an idea to save her time in the morning. What if I took photos of each of her outfit combinations and she could just flip through the set of photos to choose the outfit for a particular day?

No. She didn’t like that idea. Why? “You just wouldn’t understand.” (True.)


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  1. Paul, you do and do and do for Heather, and this is the thanks you get. Why can’t women hear our hearts rather than just looking at us as objects???

  2. My fiancee Alicia has her wardrobe divided essentially between purple-themed clothes and red-themed clothes. She gets her nails done about once a week, alternating between purple and red, and likewise alternates between the two halves of her wardrobe. Occasionally for variety she’ll have her nails done in pink and go to another part of her clothing collection.

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