Laws are good

Bus lane cameras in LondonWe all need help obeying the law.

If you look carefully at the bottom left corner of this photo, you’ll see a “Bus lane cameras” sign, reminding drivers that if they drive in the bus lane, a camera will take a photograph of their license plate (or “registration tag,” as it’s called in London, where I took this pic). Then the government will send a large fine to the driver for breaking the law.

This little system allows buses to move much faster than if the bus lanes were clogged with cars who shouldn’t be there.

Similarly, in my state, red light cameras are at almost every intersection. It’s the same deal – if I run a red light, I will get a huge fine. It amounts to a tax to help cash-starved local governments – but it also keeps me from running a red light.

What enforcement system in your world keeps you on the straight and narrow?


4 Replies to “Laws are good”

  1. Here in CA the courts throw out those Big Brother Red Light Camera tickets. I’d bet you could challenge the legality of this in CO as well.

    I am not on the straight and narrow, but a decent conscience and general paranoia of The Man keeps me in-line.

  2. That happens in here in Boulder too.
    They are often thrown out of court here. I have a friend who is an attorney and see that almost time the ticket is challenged.
    It is said that the cameras cost more than they make.
    But it seems the cameras on 28 and Canyon have reduced accidents because people know they are there.

    1. I would believe that those cameras cost more to the gov’t than what they make. Maybe it’s one of those long-term investment things for them. But then there are always aspects of gov’t that ignore costs – when other areas like education are fighting for every penny.

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