Another modern life problem

Spotify applicationHow many times these days do you have problems getting support for a product or service? Tons, I’d guess.

I joined Spotify Premium a week or two ago. The concept is great – being able to have access to more music than is in iTunes and be able to have whatever I want on my iPod (as long as I keep subscribed via the $10 a month subscription).

As I said, the concept is great. Reality? It doesn’t work. I was able to get only one album to sync to my iPod, and then no more music would sync.

Support? I tried every avenue: Google search, their help pages, email help – nothing.

So I’m calling you, Spotify – help or I’ll quit.

(Updates 1. Spotify did respond by email, though their response did not totally solve the problem. and 2. Thanks to a friend, I will maybe be able to get to the root of the problem; see comments.)

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2 Replies to “Another modern life problem”

  1. Well I have had so much happiness with Spotify that I will have to post another viewpoint here. 🙂 I am also a premium member. I haven’t done a lot of syncing though. Since I am fortunate enough to have a smartphone I just stream it to there over my data connection the few times during the day I am away from a wi-fi connection. I love the ability to play any of the 15 million+ tracks whenever and wherever I like, on my phone, ipad or laptop.

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