Shiny bits in a place I have never been

Shiny-Bits-01Shiny-Bits-03My friend Johanna put some of my Shiny Bits stickers in prominent places in Waxhaw, North Carolina – just before leaving town. I appreciate her willingness to spread the word of this site to places that have never heard of Shiny Bits before.

“This bridge defines Waxhaw. Everyone who visits Waxhaw, everyone who lives in Waxhaw has to walk across the famous bridge, and of course pause at the very top, where the sticker now lies.” (I am hoping that one of Waxhaw’s more conservative parishioners didn’t remove it before nightfall.)

The lower shot is near a very sacred place in Waxhaw.

Again, if you want some for your creative positioning ideas, just send me a note via a comment.