trabantKottke, the author of another of my favorite websites, did a story on how a company is updating the Trabant.

The Trabant, you see, is one of the worst cars ever made. (Thank you, formerly communist Eastern Europe.) It was a horrible polluter, terribly unreliable, ugly – and I have now run out of bad superlatives. This company is making it into a fun car that would be desirable to almost anyone that likes new little cars. (Me. In fact, I’d like one for Christmas.)

Humans sometimes amaze me in a good way.


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  1. Hi Paul, The Trabant is and was a very desired car. Was, because it was the only car people could afford (if they could afford one) and there were huge long waiting lists for buyers in eastern Germany… now it’s hip to drive one in Berlin… there is even a taxi service with only trabants… you might need to help push the car on your ride though;)

  2. Hi Paul:

    At the swap meet the other day there was a ’58 Buick Century 2Dr – huge sexy thing with TONS of chrome and curves. I love the retro movement in car design today, from the New Beetle & the Mini to the Challenger and the Camaro. This Trabant looks like it fits this re-imagining perfectly. I want one too! Thanks for the post. -tim

  3. In 1983 when we visited East Germany, my dad’s cousin had a Wartburg, a similar car with a two-stroke engine. It was the most common car because it was affordable. May have been the same car, for all I know.

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