trabantKottke, the author of another of my favorite websites, did a story on how a company is updating the Trabant.

The Trabant, you see, is one of the worst cars ever made. (Thank you, formerly communist Eastern Europe.) It was a horrible polluter, terribly unreliable, ugly – and I have now run out of bad superlatives. This company is making it into a fun car that would be desirable to almost anyone that likes new little cars. (Me. In fact, I’d like one for Christmas.)

Humans sometimes amaze me in a good way.


I disagree with Kottke


“Once someone has an iPhone, it is going to be tough to persuade them that they also need to spend money on and carry around a dedicated GPS device, point-and-shoot camera, or tape recorder unless they have an unusual need.” from here.

I’m not an iPhone user, simply because I can’t afford the monthly charges. However, even if I were, I would not give up my beloved point-and-shoot. I like taking photos, and there just isn’t as much quality or control with any iPhone.

Having said that, it is amazing all the things that an iPhone can do. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of the late 00’s.