Some really really bad copywriting

crosstourThis appeared in the American edition of the new Honda Crosstour ads. (That’s a new car that is basically a bloated Honda station wagon. I like it on some levels and hate it on others. The same footprint could yield far more utility than the Crosstour delivers.)

Incidentally, the ads are really unappealing, design‐wise. (My suggestion? Use regular color when visually describing a product.)

And by the way, there is a much cooler Honda in a similar vein that one can buy if they live in Japan: the Stream. It doesn’t have America’s unfortunate SUV aspect in its flavor mix.


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  1. OK, so I am a big fan of this blog post, because I am a copy writer (though more often a copy editor).

    So I nearly jumped out of my chair this evening when I opened up the National Geographic issue of this month and saw a nearly identical ad just opposite the cover page.

    And the copy changed! Now it reads: “Introducing the all‐new Accord Crosstour from Honda. Don’t let its sleek, aerodynamic exterior fool you. Inside there’s a world of smart, cargo‐friendly design. It’s the perfect combination of style, amenities and space. So you can have your cake, and bring it too.”

    A vast improvement! But I’m a little shaky on the very last phrase.

    I will note, too, that the colors changed to blues and greens.

    1. Very good eagle‐eye detective work, Johanna!

      It’s nice to see when companies actually improve their communications efforts — or when they are paying attention and are willing to change.

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