Not Swiss

NOT-swissFaithful readers will know that I enjoy looking at the Sunday newspaper coupon supplements for a few moments of amusement each week.

Swiss iced tea? No. At least not in gallon containers. Even then, no. Iced tea is a distinctively American thing. Gallon clear plastic jugs of a cold beverage are not very Swiss.

Diet Swiss iced tea? Even further removed from reality.

Finally, I went to the where to buy section of their site, typed in “Switzerland” – and you guessed it – “No results found.”


3 Replies to “Not Swiss”

  1. Because I love a good mystery …
    Found on the Swiss Premium Tea website:

    Swiss Tea originated in the heart of tea country – Pennsylvania. The friendly folks at Wengerts’ Dairy loved iced tea. They knew that people in their community were thirsty for something that was also naturally good, and Swiss Tea was born.

    So, yeah, definitely still gimicky, but maybe the Wengerts are Swiss! (It’s a German name for Vineyard or Wine Garden. I have Vineyards in my family tree.)

    1. Thanks for your research, Julie!

      Swiss founders – but I still go back to my point – iced tea is probably not a Swiss thing.

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