A tale of grace

a-tale-of-graceMy friend Dave is shown with his last-born son Liam. What a blessing he has been to their family. And this picture shows how a newborn baby can be truly cute!

I would go into more details on why Liam is a tale of grace, but I respect others’ privacy. (I am baiting Dave by asking him to blog again… ever so discretely.)


6 Replies to “A tale of grace”

  1. Discreetly? 😉

    I was finishing up a funeral I have in a couple hours, and I hear Barb yelp… and then laugh.

    Blessings on you and the Fam this Easter.
    grace & peace…

  2. I’d love to read Dave’s blog post. (And, should relaunching his own blog seem too big a commitment, there’s always guest-blogging!)

  3. here here! just do it, Dave! C’mon, how many times do we have to beg a preacherman to tell a story?

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