Hindi pop and coffee

bollywood-dancerWhy is it that all female Bollywood singers sound the same?

Bear with me — I’m not sure if you’ve heard any East Indian female pop stars sing, but they all seem to have a similar high, thin voice.

Someone who does not drink coffee might think that all coffee tastes the same. As a real coffee drinker, I can tell them that they are wrong. And a real Bollywood fan might tell me that I am wrong.

It’s all a matter of perspective, perception and level of experience.

The photo is from Flikr. Thanks tony4carr!

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Amazing technology

red-moneyRachel, our 9-year old, wanted some play money. So I took some real money and put it on our all-in-one laser printer. I intended to copy it on just one side, so it could never be used for real money.

What comes out of the machine? Red money! The printer was sophisticated enough to run that automatic counterfeiting routine.

I thought, “Oh no! Everything will have red on it now!” So I copied something else. The result was normal as could be.


Flashback Kenya

ruiru-01As some of my longer-term readers may recall, I lived 5 years in Kenya, East Africa.

During my last two years there, I had a very challenging role in administration. One day I took on a different assignment — photographer. I visited a facility run by the Kenyan organization we partnered with — the Ruiru Centre. My photos were to be used for publicity purposes. (I’m not sure if they were ever used.)

That day was a nice break.


The way forward

resultsThe results of my little poll recently about how often you think I should blog… 17 said I should continue at 5/week, one said 2/week is enough and one said I should do more than 5 a week (as of this writing). Many made kind comments. (Thanks to all who took the poll or commented!)

So I will continue doing about 5 a week with an occasional extra thrown in here or there.

It’s good to check what people are thinking!