Proud of Ben

ben-gradBen graduated from Euclid Middle School last week. I was and am really proud. Jay preceded him by two years, but it was no less special. It’s is a stepping stone to high school, then college, and then that first job. And each achievement is not just a given. It’s something to be recognized and be grateful for.

Gary Hein is Ben’s principal – shown shaking Ben’s hand. (The shaky hand holding the camera was mine.) He has provided excellent leadership for the entire staff and student body.

One thing I learned is that when you finish middle school, you don’t graduate. You “continue”. (It was a “continuation ceremony”.)

p.s. Horrible photo? I was a long distance from the stage.


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  1. Hi. I wandered over from Crumbs from the Corner. How sweet to see a post about graduation. Both of my “children” have left the nest. One has graduated college and is on the first job. The other will graduate next year. Those milestones through the years are significant, and you’re right–they’re not just given. Each is a cause for celebration

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