Fun shoes

weird-shoesReebok recently released the Zigtech shoe line. I think they’re really fun. Heather doesn’t like them. I don’t need a new pair of shoes, so the decision to not buy a pair was easy.

Which one do you like best? Or are you with Heather on this one?


7 Replies to “Fun shoes”

  1. The only reason I would buy those is if I jogged along roads and wanted added visibility. Too garish for ordinary use. (But the black ones would go with that hoodie you were admiring some time ago.)

  2. Re my 100, you’ve had a pretty cool adult life. In your youth you did interesting things like your radio show and interviewing Amy Grant and writing to REM about lyrics (I’ve told that story several times) and going to concerts and the summer in Aspen and some of your biking (if I remember correctly). Your 100 would be a great read.

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