Small audience

When I visit a rockstar’s blog, in the back of my head is the thought, “Is it worth blogging for the small audience who read my blog?”

The big names have their ideas broadcast to maybe millions. They actually get some revenue from their ads. Some of them even maintain authenticity in the process.

Since I know that a few of my readers really enjoy my blog, I continue. I picture being in the same room with them and hearing their chuckle at one of my observations. And I know that hearing a room of 5,000 laugh at the same observation would not bring me any more pleasure than that single friend enjoying my thought.


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  1. And… does he/she have time to read 633 comments? I don´t think so. Just imagine how stressed you must feel of having 633 comments?! I would feel stressed.

  2. Me too – though I don’t know that I’ve ever been called a “groupie” before! Having a cup of fresh ground Ethiopian coffee in your honor at the moment.

  3. Thank you, Liza, Sara & John! I appreciate your reading my humble musings. It’s an honor to have you with me. And I enjoy what you have to say too. (Though John, you haven’t ventured into the blogging space, I appreciate what you have to say off-line.)

    And Sara, as you say, those with zillions who comment rarely interact with any of them. And that’s missing a large part of the beauty of blogging.

  4. I write more frequently now that I have readers (couple dozen, maybe, although it varies a lot). It adds motivation. I read the blogs of most of my own readers, too.

    The blogging site I use lists many of the most-read posts on the front page, and I’ve been on there a few times lately, as have several of my favorite bloggers. (My post featuring cat toenails found in my pet carrier got on the front page, which I found hilarious.)

    1. I enjoy reading your blog, Tim. I get there via my RSS reader.

      Today I enjoyed seeing how beautiful your daughter is!

  5. dad I think you get plenty of people that look at your blog cause its awesome! anyways keep up the good work!

  6. In 2006, I had a discussion with a friend who had recently taken a big jump in popularity. He asked how many readers I had. My Feedburner subscriber number was 14. I pointed out I was happy with that, as long as they were the right 14 people: 14 people desperately interested in making their small town business a success.

  7. I’ve wondered the same thing quite often, but since mine has been down recently ’cause I kinda broke it, I’ve had more random ppl ask me about it than I ever thought would be reading.

    As for yours, it’s awesome. You’ve found a great balance of funny/quirky observation, cultural commentary, genuine warmth and expressing your faith that makes you feel like an old friend. Even if we’ve never met IRL!

  8. I like that people read my blog too, but I have to admit that I am comment whore. I have many people who read it via Facebook then comment there and not on the blog. That always makes me sad. I like comments on my blog, even if just a few. I guess I am The Lonely Blogger (-;

    I do like your blog Paul. It is quite simple and straight forward. I wish I could write more like that sometime.My posts always seem to take ages to write.

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