Suburban rites of passage

ben-swimteamSo our son Ben is on swim team for our local suburban subdivision. (He’s the swimmer on the right.) He goes to practice 3-5 mornings a week. They start at 7:00 am! Anyhow, this past Saturday was a swim meet at another suburban pool. We were surrounded by suburban parents and their suburban kids. Some were really intense – yelling like their kids were about to win the Olympics. Others were simply lounging under their pop-up canopies.

We stayed for his heat and left. I felt as if I had betrayed suburbia.


3 Replies to “Suburban rites of passage”

  1. how do you get Ben up that early? He must really like to swim. 10 am saturday fencing class is hard for us to make.
    Also, how do you feel you betrayed the suburbs? Because you left early or because you went at all? those sporty parents make me nervous.

    1. Our whole family are early-risers. But the kids are getting up later this summer. (That’s great!!) He is self-motivated enough to get up early for swimming practice – about half the time. We let him miss the days he gets up late.

      I guess I am slightly anti-suburbia, even though I’ve lived there most of my life. It’s only a reflection of my rebellion.

      And the sporty parents make me nervous too!

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