And no one noticed

checker-oreillyThe Checker Auto Parts store in our neighborhood quietly changed its name to O’Reilly Auto Parts. The only change was the sign. The transition was mandated by some high-level corporate decision… I think a corporate merger was involved.

I’d consider the change to be a waste of money, as long as the Checker name still exists (which it does).

Takeaway: If you’re going to change your name, make it worth your while. Change something else too.


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  1. Sorry, can’t agree with you on this one. From a marketing standpoint, the smaller the change the less the impact on your customer. If you can say, “Look! Only our name is different, we’re still the same great place” you’ll stand a much better chance of keeping your customers. That is, unless it’s not really such a great place! On top of that, O’Reilly is a WHOLE lot easier to say than Checker Shuck’s Kragan, like their dragster says (or used to)!!

    1. Maybe you’re right on this one, Deb.

      But here, it was simply known as “Checker Auto Parts”. Now it must be known as “O’Rielly’s Auto Parts”.

  2. I am certain that they changed the name as part of a “neighborhoody” marketing thing… In the scheme of things, I think you are right. No will notice. If Checker shut down, and Stan from down the street decided to open up shop, then people might notice.

  3. Never heard of Checker, but O’Reilly is a national chain. Their graphics are more retro than Autozone or Napa. They still do their business over the counter, at least in Duncanville.

    Autozone seems to be the most modernized; computer islands rather than a counter.

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