Two receipts were given to me after I bought a few pieces of flagstone for a Saturday afternoon project. One was nicely generated by the cash register — complete with a little marketing message at the bottom (“On August 28th, the first 40 customers receive a free reusable bag!”). And then there was the no‐technology carbon‐copy of a hand‐written receipt, showing the weight of the flagstones I purchased.

Santa Fe Sand & Gravel could save themselves time and money by integrating their systems — so that all the info is on the computer‐assisted receipt.

Takeaway: Simplify. What are some ways you can simpilfy your business — or life — by eliminating redundant systems?


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  1. O’Reilly auto parts also uses an odd system that prints out a couple of pages instead of a simple receipt. I don’t know if it has to do with their sales to mechanics, but it seems cumbersome compared to Autozone.

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