Inspired by type

Some of you may remember that in a previous life, I was a graphic designer. (I still do some design — but that’s less than half of how I spend my working days.)

So a few weeks ago, I got another email newsletter — this one from MyFonts, featuring a typeface called Lady Rene. I saw their little slideshow and just wanted to create. That’s pretty rare.

Did I? Well — I’m producing this blog post. Actually creating something with Lady Rene would cost me $59. But I could emulate her.

Maybe later.


2 Replies to “Inspired by type”

  1. I love those MyFonts newsletters, they’re so creative and motivating. But my faves are the more unusual fonts that you don’t really use much, so they’re not very cost‐effective. Once in awhile I pick one up, just for fun!

    1. I agree — it’s just not cost‐effective to buy fun fonts like this one. And those newsletters are very well designed. I rarely get the time to read them, but I usually at least scan them for the tasty eye candy.

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