Be nice

I’ve been meditating on this particular topic for several weeks. It’s something you already know. But I’m saying this to remind you – and me – to do it.

It is so much easier to serve someone who is nice to you. I find myself jumping to fulfill the requests of those who are nice much faster than those who are demanding and, well, not as nice.

Nice can be a tepid word (so mild it can be almost an insult). But I’m referring to the basic positive aspect of being nice.

So let’s be nice to each other. We’ll help each other want to serve each other more.


3 Replies to “Be nice”

  1. Several blogs on civility have come to my attention lately. It’s a “grace” that we’re in serious danger of losing in these days of confrontational blogging/commenting, “shout” news, and vulgar speech.

  2. Great advice, Paul!
    Working in Customer Relations for a few years definitely changed my attitude. You’d think your advice is common sense, but I rarely dealt with a “nice” person who needed my help. Maybe it’s our sense of entitlement?

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