A few weekends ago, some friends invited us to A Taste of Colorado. Fun. Hot. Lots of people.

Being an introvert, there is a contrast – I like being alone in quiet places. But I also get a buzz out of being in a crowd.

What contrasts are in your personality?


3 Replies to “Crowds”

  1. – I LOVE making money, but not so much the working part…
    – I hate: high taxes, bad traffic, over-populated cities, and smug people, BUT I live in California…
    – I love not being fat/over-weight, but I hate being so damn skinny…
    – I love eating, but not so much the cleaning up part…
    – I hate attending concerts, but I LOVE shooting concert photography.
    – I love ice cream, but I am lactose intolerant.

    1. Thanks James – some interesting contrasts there.

      When I’m seeing live music, I’m glad that others do the shooting. (I usually shoot video of one song with my handheld & am happy to shut it down after the song ends.)

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