Use it or lose it

So many times I feel like I’m saying such basic things in my blog. Things you already know. But one thing I’ve learned in this life is that the lessons I know need to be learned again. And again.

In this case, it is the basic idea that if you don’t use something, you will lose it.

One of my current tubes of toothpaste was running out, so it was time to tap into the Museum to find a new one. I pulled out one of my very favorites – Trybol. Unfortunately, Colorado’s dry climate had taken its toll – the paste was rather hard. (But it is still usable.) If I had pulled it out a few years ago, it would have been perfect. Alas, I waited too long.

Moral? Use what you have. Now. For the purpose it was intended.


3 Replies to “Use it or lose it”

  1. It’s still okay. We haven’t gotten sick. But I’m trying to use it up. (I bought up a bunch at 25 cents a bottle back then.)

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