One cup at a time

You can save the planet – one cup at a time.

Well, I am overstating the impact of switching to a ceramic or glass drinking vessel, but you can save a lot of waste by asking for a “drink it here” vessel when you visit Starbucks for a sit-down drink next time.

Here are a few advantages:

  • You’ll prevent landfill accumulation.
  • You’ll save on manufacturing and transport costs for the cups, straws and lids.
  • You’ll enjoy the nicer feel of smooth ceramic or glass against your lips, compared to a thin plastic lid or a straw.
  • You’ll make me happy.

2 Replies to “One cup at a time”

  1. Wonderful! I could not agree more! My boss just gave me a very nice Starbucks mug with a lid that I plan to use wherever I go. Paul, you are filled with wisdom! ;0

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