Woody Allen’s house

Woody Allen's Sleeper HouseOn Christmas afternoon, we went sledding near Genesee, Colorado. The hill we chose is about 20 minutes’ drive from our house. The sledding was in the shadow of the “Sleeper House” – named that after its appearance in the film “Sleeper” – that Woody Allen directed and starred in during 1973. It’s also known as the “Sculptured House” and has its own Wikipedia page.

You can easily see the house from I-70, the largest highway that goes from Denver through the mountains, over to Utah. But this was the closest I had been to the house.

This house has been for sale several times since we’ve lived in Denver – most recently last October. I remember one of those times, it was in a sad state. The newspaper article mentioned that it was falling apart. I think it has been refurbished a few times since then. The owner before the most recent sale had a $3.4 million mortgage on the home. It sold for $1.5 million. (Ouch!)