The umbrella machine

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On the way back, we had a brief stop in Hong Kong. Yes, there was an umbrella vending machine at the ferry station. I was amazed at that. But it wasn’t till I got home and looked closer at the photo that I discovered the machine had a TV screen, showing a video that featured those umbrellas’ benefits.


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  1. Can you choose the color you want?

    I had a little umbrella for many years that I found in a classroom at KU. I adopted it after a couple of weeks of seeing it there. Eventually forgot it in a shopping cart. When I went back to ask about it, they showed me a box of umbrellas and said, “Take your pick!”

  2. James: I wish I had more time in Hong Kong – but that was the only unusual machine I saw in the roughly 7 hours there.

    Tim: I think the buyer *could* pick the color they wanted.

  3. Genius! And a “how to” video is absolutely necessary to avoid unhappy customers who were expecting to fly…or dance like Gene Kelly.

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