I don’t want to know

As I was changing the battery on my son’s calculator, I saw the “MATH” key – and of course, I thought, isn’t the whole calculator designed to do math? Maybe it’s some hyperdrive key that will solve all the problems that you can’t solve any other way.

But seriously, I very briefly thought of asking Ben what that key is for – if he even knows. But then I thought, naaah – if he explained it, I would probably forget the explanation, if I even could understand it.

So this is simply a comment about life today: too many choices and too much information.


3 Replies to “I don’t want to know”

  1. As a recovering math teacher, two comments with smiley faces attached:

    1) You change your son’s calculator batteries?

    2) There’s a big difference between “math” and arithmetic.

    Too much information or too little focus?

    TMI or too little curiosity? Do we run around the same circles because they’re safe? Something in that MATH key might have opened a whole new world. Probably not, but who knows?

    1. Good questions, Rich!

      1. I wanted to put rechargables in his calculator, and he didn’t know where I kept them. (He will next time…)

      2. I’m not up on the differences between math & arithmetic. Those classes were a LONG time ago for me – and such knowledge got washed away by the sands of time.

      3. Good point – focus is important!

      4. Curiosity is very important to keep in life. I just focus away from things like math & arithmetic and more on things like relationships & partnerships. There is only so much I can keep on top of. Many out there are more proficient in keeping on top of a wider set of information than I. But I try to push the envelope in the areas I am good in.

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