I don’t want to know

As I was changing the battery on my son’s calculator, I saw the “MATH” key – and of course, I thought, isn’t the whole calculator designed to do math? Maybe it’s some hyperdrive key that will solve all the problems that you can’t solve any other way.

But seriously, I very briefly thought of asking Ben what that key is for – if he even knows. But then I thought, naaah – if he explained it, I would probably forget the explanation, if I even could understand it.

So this is simply a comment about life today: too many choices and too much information.


Nails vs. screws

I was reflecting recently on how my dad could hammer a big nail in about three strokes. He was amazingly handy. I think I am pretty handy, but I am about 25 on a scale compared to his 100.

I realized early on that I was not good with hammers and nails. So I use screws instead. They are easier to reverse and also stay in longer. But it’s much slower to do screws than nails – if you’re good with nails.

Point of this story? If the normal way doesn’t work for you, find another. Do that and be satisfied.

p.s. I also remembered how my dad hit his thumb more than once. Those times were the closest he ever came to cursing. (So even if you’re good at something, failures happen from time to time.)