Nails vs. screws

I was reflecting recently on how my dad could hammer a big nail in about three strokes. He was amazingly handy. I think I am pretty handy, but I am about 25 on a scale compared to his 100.

I realized early on that I was not good with hammers and nails. So I use screws instead. They are easier to reverse and also stay in longer. But it’s much slower to do screws than nails – if you’re good with nails.

Point of this story? If the normal way doesn’t work for you, find another. Do that and be satisfied.

p.s. I also remembered how my dad hit his thumb more than once. Those times were the closest he ever came to cursing. (So even if you’re good at something, failures happen from time to time.)


3 Replies to “Nails vs. screws”

  1. I rarely use nails for framing; screws are much easier to reverse if I mess up. When I do use nails, I usually use my compressor and nailguns because it’s much faster and the outcome is easier to clean up. But hammering nails can be very satisfying.

    1. Hammering nails can be satisfying – if you hit the nails!

      My equivalent is chopping wood – but since we don’t have a fireplace, that is a rare activity.

  2. Individuality is important. Choice is good. I like to do things my way – which is usually the screw. If someone can show me that the nail is a better course of action there I go but I reserve the right to use the screw if I so choose.

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