Limited plays

Unfortunately I have this flaw whereby I can only listen to any recording a limited number of times. Some songs – or even albums – are spent and can never be enjoyed again. The pain comes when my kids start liking those tunes. Then I am forced to listen again.

Certain songs, of course, lend themselves to more listens than others. And I can enjoy some songs again after a really long break.



4 Replies to “Limited plays”

  1. There are many songs I never tire of. The ones that have limited life are either annoying (say, anything by J. Giles) or a style of music I don’t care for. But I could listen to my many favorites several times a year for the rest of my life, and some more often than that.

  2. ‘Concrete Sky’ by Beth Orton is pretty unlistenable-proof. I think it’s partly due to me not knowing what she says for a lot of the song.

    Also ‘Take Five’ by Dave Brubeck hasn’t faded for me yet (after about 25 years from initial listen).

  3. Besides the +60 different podcasts I listen to religiously, I tend to listen to the same 100 or so songs. I mostly listen to music to get me in a specific mood. Spoken Word entertainment never gets old!

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