The downside of retro

I was surfing Svpply* on a Sunday afternoon. I came across the highlighting of this 1976 Ford Bronco.

Yes, it may be cool, but I wanted to remind you that it puts out roughly 20 times the amount of pollution that a more modern vehicle does. So if you buy one (or something similar)… for the sake of the air I breathe, please drive it just on Sundays.

* Thanks to Andrew Swanson for the site suggestion.


4 Replies to “The downside of retro”

  1. It does look cool! My brother in law has one like this, only yellow. He calls it Col. Mustard! He uses it, as you suggest, on the weekends only, for the short trip to the dock usually. It’s great for towing his little fishing boat. Why don’t more people name their cars?

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