Not illustration

I went off to college majoring in art. I was always the best artist in my small high school class. At the big university, I quickly learned that there were others who could draw rings around me.

But that’s not the focus of this story. Because I had talent in drawing, I minored in illustration. I had somehow forgotten that each year I did a drawing for the high school art contest, it was like having a baby (or at least what I imagine that might be like). I had forgotten that the only time I drew each year was to win the contest.

So after a year of having illustration “babies,” I switched my minor to package design. And I never looked back.

Takeaway: Are you doing something that’s not a good fit? What can you do to change things?

Illustration? I discovered along the way that taking photos was an easier way to illustrate my point than creating an illustration. And this photo does not illustrate any point, except that I had fun taking the photo.


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  1. I was going to be an electrical engineer, but a year of calculus and looking ahead at what the EE seniors were doing convinced me otherwise. I was good at math in comparison to other kids, but I had zero passion for it. It wasn’t even a baby, it was just something I could do if I had to. What I liked was tinkering, but my university didn’t have a technology program, so I switched to Latin American Studies and Spanish. If I had gone to LeTourneau or John Brown, I would have moved to a hands-on technology major.

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